Why not be charitable and admit that the Salvation Army with their good works are God’s people?

I charitably say that their good works are often very pleasing to God, and they themselves also, for many of them have the utmost goodwill and devotion. But charity does not oblige me to say that the true Church of Jesus Christ was founded by General Booth. However well-intentioned these good people may be, they are mistaken. Christ gave us a definite set of truths to be believed and of precepts to be fulfilled. He is a true Christian who believes all that Christ taught, and does all that He commands. Members of the Salvation Army reject much of Christ’s doctrine. Some say that Baptism is not really necessary. All reject Christ’s teaching on the Eucharist, although Christ allowed the Jews to go their own way when they refused to accept this teaching. The Army says, “Believe in the Name of Christ and that you are saved by Him.” The Catholic Church rightly says that that i3 not enough, and gives the advice, “Believe in Christ. Believe every single doctrine He taught, and believe that you can be saved by Him provided you try to obey sincerely His moral teachings.” I admit that many members of the Salvation Army try just as sincerely to live up to their inadequate knowledge of Christianity as Catholics try to live up to the full truth. In that sense they are good people. But they are not true Christians in so far as they do not accept the full truth revealed by Christ

Radio Replies Volume 1 by Rev. Dr. Leslie Rumble MSC and Rev. Charles Mortimer Carty

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