To whom am I indebted for my English Bible?

You are indebted to many collaborators. Between 1525 and 1536 William Tindale translated into English various Greek and Latin copies of the Bible which had been made by Catholic monks, copies which could be traced back to the original Scriptures. Cromwell was not satisfied with Tindale’s translation, so commissioned Miles Coverdale to make a new one. Coverdale used and perfected to some extent Tindale’s version, and published the “Great Bible” in 1539. Not satisfied with this, a committee of Anglican Bishops revised it, and in 1568 published what is known as the “Bishops’ Bible.” This was also faulty, and King James 1st of England ordered a new revision. Taking as their basis the Bishops’ Bible, a committee oi 47 revisers whose names are not known produced what is known as the “Authorized Version” in 1611. In 1881 a new revised version was published, correcting some 5,000 mistakes in the Authorized Version. Further revision of this “Revised Version” is being demanded. Thus you owe your English Bible to many unknown revisers, the Bishops of 1568, Miles Coverdale 1539, Tindale 1525, Monastic copyists through the ages, and thence to the originals.

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