Did not Christ Himself believe that the end of the world was at hand? I refer you to Lk. iX. 27.

In that text Christ says, “I tell you of a truth: There are some standing here that shall not taste death till they see the kingdom of God.” But those words have no reference to the end of the world. Christ often called His Church His Kingdom. When He said to St. Peter, “I will build my Church . . . and give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven,” He identified the two notions. Again, when He said that His kingdom was to be as a net holding good and bad fish He obviously referred to His Church in this world. And within thirty years of His death, that kingdom of Christ had spread throughout the known world, many, who had heard Christ, living to see its establishment. Meantime Christ’s prediction that His Church would go to all nations, even to the uttermost parts of the earth, and His promise to be with it all days even to the end of the world, show that He did not expect the end of that world to be at hand. Also, He proved abundantly His divinity and knowledge of the future. It is absurd to say that He was not aware of the subsequent history of the world as it has actually unfolded itself.

Radio Replies Volume 1 by Rev. Dr. Leslie Rumble MSC and Rev. Charles Mortimer Carty

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