Then why, by broadcasting, try to destroy the faith of Protestants here? Is it wrong for Protestants there, but right for Catholics here where they are only a small percentage of the population?

The fact that there is but a small percentage of Catholics here has nothing to do with the question of right or wrong. If so, where Catholicism is the prevalent religion you would have to admit its right to exclude Protestantism. Or again, you would have to admit the truth of Mahometanism where that religion is in the ascendancy. If Catholicism is true in Italy, it is true here; if false here, it is false there. Relative numbers have nothing to do with it. Christianity was true when Christ and His twelve Apostles were the only ones in the world who believed in it. Again, the broadcasting of Catholic doctrine will not destroy the faith of Protestants. If it affects them at all, it is calculated to perfect their faith by leading them back to the full and perfect religion of Christ in the Catholic Church. On the other hand, the propagation of imperfect Protestant teaching tends to destroy the full faith of Catholics. Truth carries its own right to exist. It is a good thing to spread knowledge of the truth. But error has no right to exist. It is a good thing to destroy error. Now the Catholic Church, having the truth, has a right to exist and teach everywhere. In fact, she has to do so, for Christ commanded her to teach all nations. Protestantism has not the same right. It retains some elements of Catholic truth, but many corruptions of its own. However sincere Protestants may be, Protestantism is an erroneous form of religion, and it keeps people from the real truth. The Catholic Church therefore rightly objects to the propagation of error among those who have the truth, and rightly propagates the truth amongst those in error. It is a perfectly logical position. Of course you will say that this doctrine supposes the truth o£ the Catholic position. It does, and the truth of that position I have often shown.

Radio Replies Volume 1 by Rev. Dr. Leslie Rumble MSC and Rev. Charles Mortimer Carty

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