God and Creation – Primer Catechism


1. Q. (Question) Who made the world?
A. (Answer) God made the world.

2. Q. Who made Heaven and earth and all things?
A. God made Heaven and earth and all things.

3. Q. From what did God make all things?
A. God made all things from nothing.

4. Q. Where is God?
A. God is in Heaven, on earth and everywhere.

5. Q. Who lives in Heaven?
A. God and the Angels and Saints live in Heaven.

6. Q. If God be everywhere, why do we not see Him?
A. We do not see God because He is a Spirit,
having no body,
and, therefore, cannot be seen by us in this life.

7. Q. What can God do?
A. God can do all things.

8. Q. Does God see us?
A. God does see us.

9. Q. Does God know all that we say and do and think?
A. God does know all that we say and do and think.

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