Our Lord and Redeemer – Primer Catechism


1. Q. Who came to free us from sin?
A. God the Son became Man to free us from sin.

2. Q. What happened on the day of the Annunciation?
A. On the day of the Annunciation, God the Son took a body and soul like ours and became Man.

3. Q. Who is the Mother of ‘God the Son made Man’?
A. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of ‘God made Man’.

4. Q. What name was given to God the Son when He became Man?
A. God the Son, when He became Man, was called Jesus Christ.

5. Q. What happened on Christmas Day?
A. On Christmas Day, Jesus Christ was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a stable at Bethlehem.

6. Q. How long did Christ live on earth?
A. Christ lived on earth for about thirty-three years, in poverty and suffering.

7. Q. What happened on Good Friday?
A. On Good Friday, Jesus Christ died, nailed to a Cross.

8. Q. Why did Jesus Christ die?
A. Jesus Christ died for our sins, and to open Heaven for us.

9. Q. Why did He do this?
A. Because He loves us so much.

10. Q. Why do we call that day Good on which Jesus Christ died?
A. We call that day Good on which Jesus Christ died
because His death has shown how much He loves us,
and has brought us so many blessings.

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