Sin – Primer Catechism


1. Q. What is sin?
A. Sin is any willful thought, word, deed, or omission against the Law of God.

2. Q. Is it a sin to think bad thoughts?
A. It is a sin to think bad thoughts.

3. Q. Is it a sin to say bad words?
A. It is a sin to say bad words.

4. Q. Is it a sin to do bad things?
A. It is a sin to do bad things.

5. Q. Are all sins equally bad?
A. No, there are bigger sins and smaller sins.

6. Q. What are bigger sins called?
A. Bigger sins are called Mortal Sins.

7. Q. What are smaller sins called?
A. Smaller sins are called Venial Sins.

8. Q. What does a Mortal Sin do to us?
A. A Mortal Sin makes us enemies of God and robs us of God’s love.

9. Q. What does a Venial Sin do to us?
A. A Venial Sin lessens our love for God.

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