God did this to enable Joshua to kill a few more innocent people fighting for their homes and families!

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That was not the reason. You do not advert to a great principle. God owns the earth, and can allot any particular portion of it to any particular people. And if He, the Owner of all does so, then the tenants for the time being lose their right to the appropriated land. Joshua warned the Gabaonites beforehand, “If you dwell in the land that falls to our lot we can make no league with you.” Jos. IX., 7. The Gabaonites knew this to be the will of God. “It was told us thy servants,” they said, “that the Lord thy God had promised his servant to give you all the land.” Jos. IX., 24. Realizing their obligation, they determined not to go, thinking themselves strong enough to rebel against God’s decree. God taught them a lesson, and the Jews had as much right to put them out by force as I would have to evict you from a house occupied by you without definite lease, should the house suddenly come to me by sale or gift, and I wished to live in it. This objection of Ingersoll overlooks the question of just title, but his end in view made the lawyer ignore his legal brains whenever his irreligious complex affected him.

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