It is always the same. Miracles happened last week, last century; they will happen some day in the future. They never happen today.

The Catholic Answers

That is a sophism of the purest ray serene. Don’t you realize that time is essentially in constant succession? Do you want today to stay fixed? Never to yield to tomorrow? If a miracle did happen today, you would only have to wait twenty-four hours and then say with a sigh, “Ah, yes! It happened yesterday– never today!” All the miracles which have happened, occurred on definite days. It was “today” when they happened, but the “today” on which they happened cannot remain static. And if it is an historical fact that a miracle occurred a century ago, or a week ago, the fact that our “today” does not happen to be a week ago in no way disproves the fact. Is all this too deep? Let me give you a simple argument based upon your principles. “They say that Kings of England have died in the past. It is thought that they will die in the future. But I have searched the papers in vain to learn that one died today. The truth is, I don’t think Kings of England ever die at all!”

Radio Replies Volume 1 by Rev. Dr. Leslie Rumble MSC and Rev. Charles Mortimer Carty