Lutlier believed that he is happy whose conscience alloweth the thing that he doth.

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The only lawful sense of such a saying is, “Happy is he whose conduct never goes against what a right conscience allows.” With Luther it meant, “Happy is he whose conscience is twisted and distorted until it allows whatever one wishes to do.” If a Catholic Priest to day did what Luther did then, the Protestant world would hold up its hands in horror, and the newspapers would broadcast it as yet another scandal in the Catholic Church. Picture the heading, “Priest runs away with Nun!” Yet you pretend that it is edifying in Luther. No one who has an elementary knowledge of the life of Christ and of that of Luther could possibly reconcile them. The majority of those who glorify Luther know little or nothing about him save his name. They believe in a legendary Luther, accepting it on trust that he tried to follow the pure Gospel. Sincere Protestants to-day do wish to follow Christ, but the more they do so, the less like Luther they become.

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