Masonry goes back to Solomon’s temple, long before Catholicism began. How can you say that it began in 1717?

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Masonry claims to go much farther back than Solomon’s Temple. “The Freemason,” an English Masonic periodical, August issue, 1926, says: “Freemasonry can stand and watch all religions as they pass in review.” W. A. Waite, in his book, “Emblematic Masonry,” 1925, p. 286, says: “Masons alone are truly ordained and have a succession more than Apostolic.” A. Churchward, in the “Treasury of Masonic Thought,” under the chapter on the Great Pyramid, says, “Masonry goes back 300,000 years before Christ to the Egyptian mysteries of Horns.” There are many other such extravagant claims made by Masons. But whilst Masonry claims to be pagan in origin, and whilst it talks paganism, historically it is not so old. The best German Masonic historians, such as Begeman, laugh at the notion and admit that Masonry as it is to-day began with the Grand Lodge of England in 1717. Its organization was completed in 1722 with the new book of the constitutions and the three degrees of apprentice, fellow and master. The mentioning of Solomon’s Temple in connection with Masonry is absurd. I might just as well found a society of Shintoists in 1933; include in my ritual the burning of a few joss-sticks; and then tell the world that really my society dated back to Confucius, adding as proof the allegation that he must have burned joss-sticks at any rate.

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