Heaven and the next World – Primer Catechism

The Catholic Answers


1. Q. Where do good people go when they die?
A. Good people go to Heaven when they die.

2. Q. Do all good people go to Heaven immediately after their death?
A. No; some people suffer for a time in Purgatory.

3. Q. How long do people live in Heaven?
A. People live forever in Heaven.

4. Q. Is everybody in Heaven happy?
A. Yes; everybody in Heaven is happy.

5. Q. Why do you say that people are happy in Heaven?
A. Because they enjoy the company of God and have every good thing they can wish for.

6. Q. Are there Angels in Heaven?
A. There are Angels in Heaven.

7. Q. Who are the Angels?
A. The Angels are spirits like our souls,
but they have no bodies.

8. Q. Who made the Angels?
A. God made the Angels.

9. Q. Are there Angels on this earth?
A. Yes; there are Angels to watch over us and help us to serve God.

10. Q. Has everyone an Angel to help him to serve God?
A. Yes: everyone has a Guardian Angel to help him to serve God.

11. Q. Did some Angels fail to reach Heaven?
A. Yes; some Angels failed to reach Heaven.

12. Q. Why did some Angels fail to reach Heaven?
A. Some of the Angels failed to reach Heaven because they rebelled against God.

13. Q. Did God punish in any other way the Angels who rebelled?
A. Yes; God condemned the rebellious Angels to the everlasting fire of Hell.

14. Q. What kind of place is Hell?
A. Hell is a place where bad angels and wicked men, driven from the sight of God, are punished for all eternity.

15. Q. Why did God make Hell?
A. God made Hell to punish the devils or bad Angels, and all who die in mortal sin.

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