These things were in Catholic times and Catholic countries; but what is the Church doing for the down-trodden workers throughout the world?

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The Church has always consistently used what power she has in the cause of the worker. With the very rise of the present industrialism Pope Leo XIII. insisted on the rights of labor in a series of almost revolutionary Encyclicals. He insisted that in justice the workers must receive wages that not only provide moderate comforts of life for themselves and their families, but enough to leave a surplus so that the thrifty may he able to save enough to provide for their future, and even to estah-iish themselves in business and become employers also. Each Pope since Leo has reiterated his protest against injustice, whilst defending, of course, fundamental rights to property. Pope Pius XL, the present ruling Pontiff, says clearly, however, “If anything, the workers need the assistance of the Church in the obtaining of their rights, not the wealthy in the conservation of their rights.” And he gives as his reason the fact that the workers have less means of securing their rights because the wealthy have the control of the political machinery and of the press.

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